He Was Great and Descended from the first Stewards of What Would Become these United States 

Not far from the scenic Pocono Mountains, on a recent misty day, my husband and I paid tribute by visiting ad praying at the grave and monument erected in honor of the greatest athlete to have ever lived. The great Jim Thorpe, who despite his family’s wishes, has never been brought back to his ancestral Sax and Fox tribal homeland in Oklahoma, is buried in the Pennsylvania.  It was in Carlisle, Pa. that he first blossomed as a football, track and baseball star. 

This is a neat thing my hubby wanted to do on his birthday.  I, of course, went running. At this time in our history, when some want to believe that they are the only ones who have a right to this land, it is especially important to invoke, celebrate and remember the people of the First Nations. They were stewards of what became these United States long before any of us or the colonists arrived. We can’t forget their contributions!