Between the rain, light

It has been cold this month of May, and it has been raining quite a bit, too. I want to sing that childhood song about wanting the rain to go away. 

Yesterday, after days of clouds and raindrops, the sun came out. It disappeared again today. 

As I do every now and then, I came home yesterday to see how, at dusk, the light of the sun pours brightly, but peacefully through the kitchen window visible from the front door. There’s something about the way the light comes in that makes me smile. That Edith Wharton book quote in the June issue of O magazine comes to mind. “Set wide the window. Let me drink the day.”

Dusk is my favorite time of the day. Once upon a time, back when people were not as busy as they are today, life slowed down at dusk.  I could learn a lesson or two from those slower times. I pack almost all of my days yearound with lots of projects. 

After warming the earth- finally – and more importantly brightening my day, the sun and its light welcomed me home and reminded me to slow down. 

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