I May Not Have a Voice, but I am Screaming

I am resting today and I can’t talk because I have lost my voice thanks to a bug, but inside I am screaming about all this violence! 

Let’s deal with this culture of violence. Last night’s killing of Dallas officers on the heels of the killing of two more black men at the hands of cops in separate states is…Argh! All of it is horrible!
Of course, I am very sad about the ambush of those men and women protecting peaceful protesters. Thank you for living your life in service. I am also upset about Minnesota, and too many other places to mention. God bless these victims and all victims of violence. Yes, lives matter. Black lives, too. And I am mad – yes mad – also about how this culture of violence makes it possible for ALL of this to happen, the death of a suspect by robot too, and the death of people praying in a church and the pint-size children in a school building at the hands of gunmen.
There s no other way to put it. We are a nation in crisis. But there is hope. There is always hope! You hear me! 
To quote Proverbs, if you want peace, work for justice.There is so much work to be done! 

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